-Light Truck

Foton e-AUMARK Flat-bed

Brand: Foton e-AUMARK Cargo box
GVW: 5.5/6/7T
Type: Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Rated/peak torque:430/920Nm
Rated/peak speed: 1410/3940rpm

    Specification Overview Video
    Vehicle name e-AUMARK 
    Wheelbase 3360 3360
    Vehicle dimen-sions  (mm) Cargo box 5995*2100 / 2240/ 2160*2980/ 3180/ 2800 5995*2100/ 2240/ 2160*2980 / 3180/2800
    Flat-bed truck 5995*2060 / 2200*2330 5995*2060 / 2200*2330
    Cargo compart-ment dimensions  (mm) Cargo box 4140*1960 /2100 / 2190*1900 / 2100/ 1780 4140*1960 / 2100 / 2190*1900 /2100 /1780
    Flat-bed truck 4180*1960 / 2100*400 4180*1960 / 2100*400
    GVW (kg) 6000 7000
    Curb weight (kg) 2990 3120
    Payload (kg) 3010 3880
    Driving mileage per charge * (km) 208 180
    Brake system Front disc and rear drum hydraulic brakes Front drum and rear drum hydraulic brakes
    Battery brand CATL
    Type of the battery Lithium iron phosphate
    Capacity of the battery  (KW.h) 81.14
    Voltage (V) 540.96
    Charging mode Quick/ trickle charging / quick charging
    Charging time  ( normal temperature)  SOC 20%- 80% 0.67h/6h
    Charging time  (normal temperature)   SOC 20%- 100%  1.2h/8h
    Motor type Permanent magnet synchronous motor Permanent magnet synchronous motor
    Rated/ peak power (kW) 64/115 65/130
    Rated/ peak torque (N.m) 430/920 550/1200
    * : The actual driving range may vary depending on the environmental temperature, road condition, vehicle load, and driver’s driving habits.

    Pure electric e Aumark 5.5 tons truck

    The pure electric e Aumark 5.5-ton truck is equipped with a digital dashboard, and the spacious space can carry 3 passengers at the same time, bringing a more comfortable transportation journey.

    Reliable components

    Components are reliable: the EIC, rear axle, body, brakes and other systems are products from well-known suppliers at home and abroad with excellent reliability to guarantee high use rate.

    CATL , the leader in the battery industry in China. They are designed with various frontier technologies such as multi-specific energy, long service life and automatic temperature control, ensuring worry-free travel.
    The permanent magnet EH+ grade motor (2 grades higher than those of competitors) is designed with aluminum + epoxide dual corrosion protection;
    Position and speed sensors: TAMAGAWA resolver; bearing: SKF, Sweden; insulating paint, enameled wire, insulating layer: DuPont, America; shafting: CrNiMo materials meeting American standards, plus carbonitriding, ensuring no shaft breakage forever.

    High stability

    ● The most advanced Autosar architecture for developed vehicle software at present is adopted. The VCU has passed the functional safety process certification successfully, being in line with international high and new technologies.

    High reliability

    ● Part-level test: the internationally recognized mechanical performance test, electrical performance test and EMC test are passed.
    ● Vehicle-level test: the test mileage of various models exceeds 300,000 km.

    Automatic production equipment and intelligent test equipment ensure the high quality of trucks.

    ● For process inspection, there are 19 quality gates, 14 sets of special inspection equipment, and 883 process inspection items, which cover function tests such as environmental protection conformity test, regulation item test, static function test, safety test and AC charging test ranging from incoming inspections to production processes of parts including VCU, motor/accelerator, traction battery, etc., which meet the inspection and control requirements for electric vehicles.
    ● Rain test line: the complete vehicle is subject to a 360° rain test with a total of 204 water nozzles and rain intensity ≥ 25L/min・㎡ (much heavier than 100ml/h in a rainstorm ) for more than 6min, which is the most stringent water tightness test for vehicles.
    ● Road test: all-round inspections on the complete vehicle in controlling, braking, lane departure, reversing, jitter, abnormal noise, etc. are conducted under 16 kinds of road conditions; for new energy vehicles, a waterlogged road section is set up to ensure that batteries of pure electric vehicles conform to safety standards.

    Reliable verification
    All-scene all-weather verification ensures reliable travel up to 300,000km

    The truck has passed more than 30 performance tests such as power performance test, energy consumption test, braking performance test, rain test/wading test, NVH test, EMC test, and stable and smooth maneuvering test, as well as high/low-temperature extreme environment test;
    The truck has passed multi-round intensified-loop durability verifications on the proving ground, which are equivalent to 300,000km B10 life verification of the complete vehicle, and 300,000km small fleet reliability verification on public roads;


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