Foton TOANO Ambulance

Power system : ISF 2.8
Displacement and power(ml/Kw) : 2780/120
Seating capacity : 3
Gross mass(Kg) : 3499

    Specification Overview Video
    Power system ISF 2.8 ISF2.8/4G69/3TZ 4JB1T/4Y
    Displacement and power(ml/Kw) 2780/120 2780*105/2378*100/2693*120 2771*70/2237*76
    Seating capacity 3 2/3 3
    Gross mass(Kg) 3499 3400 3150
    Wheelbase(mm) 3750 3110 3050/2570
    Wheel tread(Front/rear) 1740/1704 1655/1650 1470/1465
    Overall dimensions(mm) 5990*2000*2415 5380*1920*2285 5320*1695*2240
    Emission standard Euro-II/Euro-V/Euro-IV Euro-IVIZero emission Euro-II/Euro-IV
    Fuel type Diesel/Gasoline Diesel/Gasoline Diesel
    Tire specification 215/75R16LT 195R15C 195R15C
    Engine model ISF2.8s4161P ISF2.8s5141P BJ493ZLQ4
    4G69S4N BJ491EQ4-12k
    Electric window . . .
    Central control lock . . .
    ABS+EBD . . .
    Front and rear A/C . . .

    Foton ambulance is made with one-time molding process and is applied with wholly detachable design. It’s equipped with multiple overhead storage boxes. Foton ambulance vehicle can be internally equipped with diversified professional rescue equipment and its medical treatment compartment features high safety and hygiene and excellent isolation, anti-corrosion, ventilation, and anti-bacteria performances. The reliable chassis and enhanced integral body and chassis guarantee stable traveling, high reliability and durability, and high carrying capacity of the vehicle. The world-class engine is installed to achieve strong power performance and high efficiency and fuel-saving.

    With super-large space design, reasonable layout,and reliable quality,View ambulance has gained the consistent appraisal from the customers both home and abroad.The medical treatment compartment features large space and reasonable layout and can sufficiently meet the emergency rescue needs.The ceiling of medical treatment compartment adopts one-time composite material to achieve high water-proof and anti-fouling performances and high composite material to achieve high water-proof and anti-fouling performances and high compartment are made of high-density PVC boards to guarantee high damp-proof and anti-bacterial performance and high environmental-friendliness and hygiene.The compartment is internally illuminated by LED lamps to achieve high energy-saving and efficiency.The individualized designs are offered depending on the demands of diversified customers.

    Foton transfer ambulance features standardized appearancecompact upholstery,and high economy and practicability. It’s mainly used to transport the patients in relatively stable condition to the hospitals and only allows some simple medical treatment, including transfusion, oxygen uptake,hemostasis, and bandage,during the transfer.

    Foton negative pressure ambulance is fully competent for the special “rescue” application in terms of comfort, space, reliability, safety, and power performances. In addition, the
    independent isolated medical treatment compartment within the vehicle can realize the harmlessc treatment on the harmful gases and then exhaus such treated gases to thus effectively suppress the virus retransmission and reduce the probability of cross infection.

    Meanwhile, with scientific layout of the medical treatment compartment, the frequently-used consumables and medical equipment are arranged within the easily accessible reach to help medical personnel to efficiently rescue the patients

    Foton TOANO Ambulance Interior

    Foton TOANO ambulance-6

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