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Foton Aumark TX 5511 Chassis

Brand: Foton AUMARK TX
Body width (mm):1695/1800/1995
Body type: Standard Cab/Extended cab/Crew Cab
GVW (tons): 3.5-4.5t/ 6-7.5t/ 9-12t/ 12-14t
Left and right hand drive: Left and right hand drive

    Specification Overview Video
    Body width  (mm) 1695/ 1800/ 1995
    Body type Standard Cab/ Extended cab / Crew Cab
    GVW  (tons) 3.5-4.5t 6-7.5t 9-12t 12-14t
    Wheelbase  (mm) 2600/ 2800/ 3360 3360/ 3800 3800/ 4200/ 4500 4500/ 4700/ 5200
    Engine 4JB1 series Yuchai YC4FA90- 33 Yuchai YC4D130- 33

    Yuchai YC4E140- 33

    Yuchai YC4E160- 48
    Gearbox 5-speed manual / 6-speed manual (3360) 5/6- speed gear manual
    Frame  (mm) 170*60*5/ 190*60*5 (336) 195*60*5 215*65*6
    Brake hydraulic brake/ air brake (3360) Air pressure brake

    Nowadays we proudly present the renewed Foton Aumark TX models, which come with improvements in the power of the motor, in the load capacity, in the gearbox, with larger covers and Euro III standards systems. They are high -tech urban trucks that have engines with Isuzu (4JB1) technology and are coupled with ZF transmissions. They provide you with an efficient solution for transport and logistics services in different circumstances of capital or girl, both on route and outside this for rural sectors.

    Here you can know the models we offer you.

    Technical characteristics

    Diesel Motor of Direct Injection Common Rail Lovol 4JB1 and other advanced technologies
    ● Powerful and environmentally friendly and a large fuel economy
    ● Optimized weight with the highest standards of quality and durability in materials
    ● Ultimate generation of turbocharger to reduce vibration and engine noise, as well as improving power
    ● Thanks to Bosch high -pressure technology, it can save more than 12% fuel every year (compared to engines of a similar class)
    ● Aumark TX is the Perfect choice for you looking for cutting -edge technology and reliable performance.

    Interior Exterior

    Truck chassis consists of a fully riveted frame with reinforced beams
    ● Rear axle is light but of great stiffness and resistance, even with a heavy load
    ● Interior with comfortable work environment to the driver and reinforced cabin
    ● Ergonomic design with wide visibility
    ● Use of use of A modern instrument board, easy to read, with LED indicators and diagnostic screen of easy access sensors and controls
    ● Servo hydraulic brake system assisted with double drum circuit that generates safe and effective driving to meet the requirements of the Efficient logistics and urban transport operations.


     Foton Aumark TX 5511  Interior

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