-Light Truck

Foton Aumark TX 1014

Brand: Foton AUMARK TX
Emission Standard: Euro 3
Load Capacity:1-10t
Power: Diesel

    Specification Overview Video
    Product Name Cargo truck Curb weight(theory) 2150 kg
    Drive type 4×2 Engine model BJ491EQ3B
    Overall chassis length 5890 mm Emission level Euro 3
    Cab width 1910 mm Maximum power 76kw, 100hp
    Cab height (unladen) 2230 mm Maximum torque 193N.m
    Cargo size Optional Gear box 5G32
    Wheel base 3360 Gearbox type MT
    G.V.W 5500 Tyre 7.00R16

    Foton Aumark TX Advantages

    . Foton Aumark TX engine torque output selection range is large, evenly distributed; especially the 3360/3800 wheelbase models with adequate power brings better fuel efficiency. The lower price of domestic power system also makes the purchase, operation and maintenance more cost effective.

    . Foton Aumark TX is equipped with a cruise control system, which runs at a constant speed in intercity highways and has good fuel efficiency.

    . Foton Aumark TX wheelbase selection and GVW range are larger; different platform grades have multiple wheelbase combinations, with more loading flexibility. The heavy-duty model Aumark TX with rear suspension leaf springs has heavy load capacity.

    Foton trucks is the world’s leading and China’s largest commercial vehicle supplier. The cumulative sales volume of more than 8 million vehicles, the brand value is worth 112.578 billion RMB .

    Breakthrough technology as leading for the future

    As a high-end and medium light truck strategic brand under the Foton Group, Foton Aumark TX is a forward looking high-end medium and light truck developed by Foton Motor based on the “Chinese European Automotive Chain Alliance”.

    The Foton Aumark TX series meets the market demand for high-end transport trucks in cities, suburbs and intercity.
    The primary customers of Foton Aumark TX are low-end and rational individuals or small business enterpreneurs and secondary customers can be both rational and sensible organizational customers.

    Why choose Foton Aumark TX

    . Mature technology

    Foton Aumark TX is equipped with the 4JB1 series engine based on Isuzu technology upgrade, with mature technology, large amount of inventory of market, and inexpensive maintenance and repair.

    . Cost effectiveness

    Power and transmission system is upgraded, vehicle transmission system efficiency is improved, the fuel efficiency is up to 10-20%; key assembly selects well-known domestic brand, good performance, lower price, the price of the complete vehicle is 20% lower than Isuzu 600P.

    . Heavy load capacity

    The complete vehicle is designed according to the heavy load requirement, and the chassis is fully strengthened, and the load capacity is improved by 20-25%. At the same time, it has good free-load smoothness and full load stability, and the single-time transport capacity is obviously improved.

    . Substantial upgrade

    Under the premise of meeting the cost effective heavy load performance, Foton Aumark TX has comprehensively upgraded the durability, comfort, convenience and the interior design. It is also safe and easy to operate while saving energy and free from worry in high load capacity transport.

    FOTON AUMARK TX Interior

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