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Foton Aumark E Fence Cargo

Brand: Foton AUMARK E
Vehicle model:AUMARK-T33 /AUMARK-T38/AUMARK-T43
Cabin: Single row/ W1800/ left rudder,Single row/ W1995/ left rudder,Single row/ W1800/left rudder

    Specification Overview Video
    Vehicle model AUMARK-T33 AUMARK-T38 AUMARK-T43
    Cabin Single row/ W1800/ left rudder Single row/ W1995/ left rudder Single row/ W1800/left rudder
    Whole vehicle main dimensions Overall dimensions  (LxWxH) mm 5875×1915×2230 6785×2130×2330 5975×1925×2230
    Wheel base(mm) 3360 3800 3360
    Weight data Curb weight(kg) 2100 3110 2300
    Gross vehicle weight(kg) 4485 8500 5500
    Persons in cab 3 3 3
    Whole vehicle main performance Max. speed(km/h) 95 95 95
    ENGINE Model BJ493ZLQV1 YC4D130-33 4J28TC
    Emissions standards EuroⅢ EuroⅢ EuroⅣ
    Displacement(L) 2.771 4.214 2.771
    Rated Power(kw/rpm) 80 96 81
    Max torque (N.m/rpm) 280 380 280
    Gearbox Model JC5-28 6T120 6T100
    Front axle Type/ Mainreducetion ratio 2.2T 2.5T 2.2T
    Rear axle Type/ Mainreducetion ratio 5.0T/6.142 6.0T/5.286 5.0T/5.375
    Suspension Front suspension/ Leaf spring number 3+1 9 3+1
    Rear suspension/ Leaf spring number 6+7 11+7 6+7
    Brake system Service brake Drum pneumatic braking Drum pneumatic braking Drum pneumatic braking
    Parking brake Central drum brake Brake gas brake Brake gas brake
    Auxiliary brake Engine exhaust brake Engine exhaust brake Engine exhaust brake
    Wheels and tyre size 6+1/( 7.00R16) 6+1/( 8.25R16) 6+1( 7.00R16)

    Aumark is a medium & high end light-duty truck brand under Foton Motor group, the Chinese largest commercial vehicle supplier. Foton Motor has collection of years of experience in truck building and absorbed the leading technology from Europe and America. Foton Aumark, developed to meet the needs of efficient logistics and transportation for users around the world, has many characteristics such as performance leading, environmentally friendly energy-saving, model-rich and adapting to the global light truck users of a variety of logistics scenes.

    Aumark E is designed for meeting the global user’s pursuit of an efficient and worry-free city logistics.

    Aumark E :Utility,Economical,Reliable,Safe; On Demand to The High-frequency Urban Logistics Scenes.

    Aumark E Providing the Product Value that Deals With the Whole Application Scenes of the Urban Logistics

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