-Heavy Truck


Platform : Series 6/9
Driving form : 6×4 | 4×2 | 6×2
Cab: Flat top | high top
Engine: CumminsISG/ISM | WeichaiWP10/12
Dynamic range:336-460ps
Gearbox:ZF, Fast manual transmission

    Specification Overview Video
    Cab body type GTL-E flat roof&standard floor
    Drive type 6×4
    Dimension Overall dimensions (L×W×H,mm) 6940×2490×3150
    Inner cargo (L×W×H,mm) /
    Wheelbase(mm) 3300+1350
    Mass Maximum GVW/GCW(kg) 90000
    Curb weight(kg) 10200
    Payload/Seats 79670kg/2人
    Power system Engine Engine model Cummins ISG 400
    Emission No certified emission
    Displacement(L) 11.8
    Power(ps) 400
    Max torque(N.m/rpm) 2100 /1000
    Transmission HW23712
    Chassis system Rear axle(Ton/ratio) 16t/4.20
    Frame(mm) 225/286×80×(8+5)
    Suspension Front: 9 leaf springs,

    Rear: 12 leaf springs

    Tyre Model 13R22.5
    Other configurations & performance Minimum ground clearance(mm) 250
    Maximum speed(km/h) 100
    Maximum gradability(%) 20
    Specification /
    Product feature 1.Spiral cab spring suspension,A610L high strength steel frame,Benz Technology high power main reducer rear axle,super reliable;

    2.Frame type cab and cab collision rearward,super safe;

    3.Cummins engine has LBSC intelligent auxiliary system,70% super wide low fuel consumption range,ZF transmission multi-condition accurate calibration,transmission efficiency up to 99.7%,super fuel economy.

    Foton AUMAN GTL-E truck is one of the most popular and best-selling heavy-duty truck series in foton.

    It adopts Daimler’s quality management system to create a heavy-duty truck with high quality of European standard. It has passed TUV and obtained the “European standard” certification. It is the 2012 Chinese heavy-duty truck model of the year. GTL trucks are recommended for long distance logistics and transportation. The appearance is simple and modern, with advanced safety system, fuel saving and comfort.

    Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing

    By absorbing the technological advantages of Germany, the United States and China, foton automobile takes business intelligence, intelligent management, intelligent vehicles, intelligent factory and intelligent manufacturing as the core to build “industry 4.0 system”. Based on the vehicle Internet, big data and cloud platform, gradually establish a customer-centered ecosystem, promote intelligent business management through the application of big data, and realize mass customization of customers through intelligent products, intelligent factories and intelligent manufacturing.

    Foton digital factory is the first global heavy truck model factory in China to achieve the world standard manufacturing level, with advanced equipment, standard process, precision technology, strict manufacturing management and control. Its annual capacity is up to 200,000; Its main line intelligent degree has reached 60%, its logistics is the most reasonable, the highest efficiency, and its digital management is very complete, producing a heavy truck in 4 minutes. Each heavy truck goes through 36 quality checks.

    The foton auman gtl truck tractor electronically controlled high-pressure fuel system is used to achieve high-pressure atomisation of diesel fuel in the fuel tank and precise injection; ensuring full combustion of fuel and economical fuel consumption.

    ISG series engine
    Cummins global latest technology;The latest cummins engine;It is the first engine to synchronize the Chinese market with the world

    Modular design

    Modular design,Change a large number of vulnerable parts into basic parts, greatly reduce the number of parts and failure probability, such as the integrated design of oil cooling system module;Lightweight structural design,High strength materials and advanced processing technology application, ensure weight reduction, quality improvement.

    Ultra high pressure injection technology

    Better combustion, better atomization, high combustion efficiency.The injection pressure is more than 2000pa, the fuel atomization is better, reducing emissions.
    It can realize the precise control of injection pressure and injection amount, realize multi-stage fuel injection and lower noise. Full combustion can minimize the damage to throttle, inlet, valve and combustion chamber, and extend the service life of the engine.Low rotation speed and high torque, strong climbing ability;It can be started in the environment of -35℃ without heat assistance within 7 seconds;

    Smart, fuel-efficient driving

    Intelligent detection of the load of the vehicle, according to different weights to choose a reasonable gear shift speed, and limit the speed of gear change, make the vehicle run in the economic speed range, to achieve economic driving.Is it like having a professional coach to teach you how to drive your car accurately and efficiently.

    Weichai WP10/12 engine

    The terrain suitable for use is more diverse, starting faster and climbing more powerful, more economical and fuel efficient, reducing the cost.More power systems are available for users to choose from,Currently equipped to meet euro 3 emissions.

    Aerodynamic optimization

    The truck body is aerodynamically designed to minimize air resistance during travel and has passed wind tunnel tests. At the same time, the air guide plate can be adjusted to further reduce wind resistance.Large, high flow, high position lateral intake system with filtration technology and low resistance. Compared with other similar vehicles, it can save about 3%-5% fuel.

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